What is Miss?


What every YOUNG woman likes to be called!

"Excuse me Miss, Do you know what time it is?"


when something is lost, and you just want it back. a feeling you get when you bestfriend or boyfriend leaves and you dont know what your going to do. your walls are fallin down, you need them back. you dont know what your going to do without them. you just want that feelin they gave you when you were together back. everythings pretty much a mess, and you still need them. but there shit less of your feelings and dont care about you anymore.

I miss you so much, I want things to be the way they were.

See ex, loved, broken hearted, dumped


Your female teacher or other instructor personel.

Hey miss lemmie get a pencil

See teacher, school, ms, mrs


To go, to leave, to go missing

come on, lets miss;

wheres he gone?

He's missed to the pub;

See leave, go, missing, departed, gone


Man kiss. Like a man kissing a man. Like Europe. Go see.

"My God... I'm traumatized from that miss last night..."


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