Mk Ultra

What is Mk Ultra?


1. It was a CIA project that used LSD as a mind control. The CIA was going to test it on Fidel Castro during one of his speeches and then capture him, though it never worked.

2. A very dankweed that was named after the CIA project.

It also won the 2006 Indica Cup in High Time magazine.

Dude, that MK Ultra really fucked me up last night!!

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a CIA project in the 1950s where they did experiments for mind control.

CIA got fucked hard by this

LSD was created as a pill to use for mind control

a few people went crazy and killed themselves from taking it during mk ultra

See Dong Woo


they created the counterCULTure in order to lead people closer to Satan

see also Adolf Hitler,Anton La Vey etc.


The horrific abuse of an american citizen.

That guy's in MK ULTRA.

See mk ultra, mk, mind control, cia, brainwashing


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