What is Mlk!?


an appreviation of "Martin Luda King!".. often said in order to either 1) win a conversation. 2) to persuade someone 3) To riot 4) self defense 5) battle cry 6) to gain the right of way 7) correct answer

EXP1: I screamed MLK! when I was arrested, I later was acquited.

EXP2: When Bob threw the peanut-butter jar he exclaimed MLK! MLK! MLK!

EXP3: During the riot I heard fellow nigga rioters screaming MLK! MLK!

EXP4: Joe did not know the answer to the test, therefore he wrote MLK!

EXP5: When Joe realized that he was going the wrong way on I-95 he exclaimed "MLK! MLK! MLK" in order to obtain the right of way.

See mlk, martin luther king, 40


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