Mo Jacked

What is Mo Jacked?


When some one ask you for countless ciggerettes, beers, shots, hits on a blunt, money for their cocain addiction,trying to scheme you into selling your playstation 2, or telling you he wants to sleep over and wont leave for 6 months, if you give into any of these you just got Mo jacked

Alex: Man I totally felt bad for this homless kid, i gave him cig's, weed, beer, let him crash here.

Jack: Well that was real nice of you man.

Alex: Yeah well the problem is that he has become a leach persay, he gets billigerntly drunk in front of my parents, and wears my clothes like they are his.

Jack: Oh shit man, you tottaly got Mo jacked

See rusty trombone, cleavland steamer, crack head, bum, anal sex


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