What is Mofro?


1. Southern soul-blues-funk band.

2. Replaces any other noun; ie, means whatever the fuck you want it to mean.

1. I saw a Mofro concert the other day.

2. I'm hungry. Let's go get some mofro.

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a mohawk made from a hairdo that would otherwise be considered an afro.

-Is it a mohawk?

-Is it an afro?

...Nah, it's a mofro.


A hairstyle that is a combination of a mullet and an afro.

"Did you see Kanye West's hairdo at the Grammy's"

"Yeah that was a total Mofro"

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A hairstyle that consists of a cross between a mohawk and an Afro. Usually mocked if seen.

Did you see that tool the other day? he had a mofro!

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A replacement word for 'Mofo'

Lay off you mofro.


A mother fucker that has a big afro.

John is such a mofro.

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When a white person has an afro but since he's not African it's not.

Matt Veinotte has a mofro!


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