What is Moment?


A unit of time. Useful in many different circumstances.

Man getting ready for a date: 3 seconds

Woman getting ready for a date: 45 minutes

Time for which it takes your friend to leave the house: 3 minutes

A historical event (a moment in time): depends if it is the sinking of the titanic (hours), impact of fat man (.01 milliseconds)

Interval of time it takes to complete computer repairs in a movie: 2.45 seconds (always followed by the word “there”)

A threat: 16 seconds give or take a few.

Well hell, a unit of time it takes to do anything. All you have to say is “in a moment” and they (friends/family/gun toting villains) have to wait until your done. Except if you get shot cus that would suck, but at least it’ll only take a moment.

You have one moment

I'll be down in a moment

In a moment

Just give me a moment

It was just a moment and it was done

Screw you guys, it was only a moment

See movie, matrix, computer, minute, friend, party, guy, girl, woman, man, friends, ready, hair, makeup, villan, family, second, millisecond, anything, something


A homo moment. A clear moment of gayness.

Joe asking Ed for some hobble d'gee was the result of a sudden MOment of clarity.

See gay moment


Short for lowbrow moment, a single story from lowbrow

Dude, I read a fuckin' hilarious moment today


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