Momentum Lope

What is Momentum Lope?


A word that fits as either a verb or a noun, 'momentum lope' is the somewhat awkward run one does while going downhill. The name stems from the fact that it's not quite running, but definitely more than a walk, and doesn't take any great effort; it's powered by the fact one is going downhill, or one's downhill momentum.

'Momentum lope' can also be used to summarize something that can be done quickly with little effort, albeit awkward.

As a noun: "The walk to Tops is kinda long, but I used a momentum lope down the hill before it, so it saved some time."

As a verb: "I momentum loped down the hill to Tops in order to save time."

As an expression: "You can just momentum lope through that book; just read it while we're at the super market or something."

See awkward, lope, momentum, run, downhill


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