What is Momma-glove?


A young man, who, despite studying at university still lives at home with both mother and pet rabbit Jacob. A momma-glove's mother will drive him daily to university. The subject adheres to a strict regime of glove wearing, pie eating and casual depression. The daily glove is chosen from a wicker basket- in which contains the left hand mitt of many a design of glove- the momma glove prefers a fingerless black and white striped number with "Emo" motif. The subject's frequently talks about his predicament with his councillor/rabbit, Jacob. The name is derived from the subjects equal love of both mother and glove. The subject is also usually obese.

Sloon: "Hey, look at that guy in his mum's car eating a pie"

Quinn: "Oh shit, yeah, and what's with his glove collection"

Sloon: "he's such a momma-glove"

Quinn: "I know right."

See emo, glove, pieface, obese


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