What is Monad?


The singular forum of the word gonads. To have only one testicle.

Hey ever since that infection, my monad has been swollen and sore.


A mohawk shaven into one's pubic hair.

I was walking around the YMCA locker room and this guy was totally rockin' the monad.

See gonad, mohawk, pubic hair, pubes, balls, jewels


n. A floofy liar that frequently tells horribly unfunny jokes and unwitty comments, resulting in the collective annoyance of those around it.

"Geez, what a monad."

"Man, that guy sure is a monad."

"Jay, you are a monad."

See reacher


Contraction of the words "Moron" and "Gonad". Used to refer to a software project that is fat, slow, and ultimately incomprehensible to the consumer.

Microsoft's new command-line shell is a monad.


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