What is Mongy?



A Mongy or M O N G Y is the unfortunate maternal parent of a (nominally) male child that is born a homosexual, but has the complication of also having an unnatural lust for their own mother.

These unfortunate mothers, or M O N G Y s (Mother Of Non-Gendered Young)have a terrible time fighting off their confused son's advances soon after birth as although they have very small dicks (likened to an old fashioned door bell) it is placed just over their anus which means that nappy changing is hell.

For the rest of their life, the non gendered young, with its a rapacous sexual appetite cannot ever 'go' without coming. A side efrfrect of this condition is that they are incredibly ugly and are often driven to fuck themselves up their own arse. An endeavour doomed to failure given the minute proportions of their genitalia.

The more intelligent non-gendered young will overcome this terrible affliction with psychiatric help and medication.

Unfortunately for the less intellectually able,(the fuckwits,) this birth defect leads them to become very bitter and twisted individuals so full of hate they spend all day imprisoned in a chat room sniping at anybody better looking, more pleasant, or more successful in life than they are (everybody else).

The non-gendered young, also called son of Mongy will often go into complete denial, and much as it denies its homosexuality, it protests too loudly about its origins:

Ewatt Tvil: I would rather chat to a good looking chatter than an ugly mongy looking one

Ewatt Tvil: Have you always looked like a mongy elkie?

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