What is Monkeybutter?


(n.) A pet name used for a very close female friend. Your "monkeybutter" is usually someone you trust a lot and hold in high regard.

"Aww, you know you're my monkeybutter."

See AJ


(n.) Any by-product or discharge from any human activity that, while pleasant enough at the time, afterward is in some way less attractive; (adj.) Anything that in retrospect might not have been such a good idea, (Orig. from sticky discharge after sex).

1. You were so hot tonight I'm all slathered in monkeybutter!

2. Get that monkeybutter chair from Ikea out of here!

See sex, discharge, worthless, disgusting, regret, afterthought


An inside joke among Bellsouth Dial-Up tech support agents (actually Calltech, who outsource for Bellsouth). Comes from a phony customer listing named "Monkey Butter" which was used much like a message board between the agents. It had a lot of funny posts and lots of HTML. It was eventually deleted when one of the supervisors caught wind of it.

On a related note, another agent created a listing called "Son of Monkey Butter" and was fired in short order for it.

"Dude, check out what somebody put on Monkeybutter!"


A Sweaty Testicle ( when they stick to the inside of your thighs )

My MonkeyButters have been sitting in the sun for 2 hours.. now im going to slap you in the face with them


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