What is Monosexual?


A person who's sexual prefernce is one sex. It can be heterosexual or homosexual.

Lisa is a monosexual lesbian and does not like men, therefore she's not bisexual.


A person who has sex only with themselves.

No one I know can satisfy me, so I am monosexual.


A person who chooses to be single, i.e., they only have sex with themselves.

"You got a girlfriend?", "No, I'm a monosexual".

See gay, homosexual, bisexual, single, lesbian


A state of being where you'd rather masturbate than put up with someone else.

I can't get no love from the ladies, so I became monosexual.

See unisexual, pervert, jackoff, masturbate, asexual


of only one sex, not pertaining to both.

she is monosexual she is of one sex!

See sexual, male, female, mono, sex


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