What is Monson?


1. A bad mistake

2. An arrogant person who strives to make themselves feel better by making fun of others.

1. Carl, hitting on that fat chick was such a monson!

2. Dude, making fun of that retarded kid only makes you a monson.


The definition of a superior being in ways of Strength, Intelligence, and able to adapt and overcome all odds.

That kid survived being stranded for 5 years on a island he must of monsoned it.

Did you see that man pull off that feat?! He's a fucking Monson!

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A creepy person who stalks people in stairwells.

Man, that guy is monson, he stalked that girl all through the apartment complex!

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Any large object which is shape like a fallace, especially the penis

Did you see that hot dog? Man, it was such a monson!

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