What is Montvale?


the definition above this one is false. no survey was taken that says this. Looking at the logical trends however, it is shown that most of the montvale girls DO go to hang out with woodcliff lake cliques their freshman year. then, almost 90% of the montvale girls then return to their roots sophmore year (and for the remainder of high school), after realising that the woodcliff lake scene includes nothing but fake hollister-wearing, basketball-playing pussies, who try desperately to get with these girls and have no personality to do so.

Furthermore there is no such things as woodcliff lake friends. Just two or more people helping each other out for the moment. Dont believe me? call out one of the woodcliff guys. see if anyone is man enough to back him.

In montvale, if ANYONE is called out to fight, no matter who he is (as long as hes not a sell out), your going to have an army of montvale kids to face.

"hah cindy, im so jacked i went to the gym like four days in a row! look im wearing tight hollisterclothes!"

"Your a fucking woodcliff lake tool, im going back to chill with my montvale guys... they got bigger dicks anyway."

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a town in the northern bergen county region. it is in the vicinity of woodcliff lake, hillsdale, westwood, and rivervale. children of montvale are forced against their own will to go to high school with preppy children of the town of woodcliff lake. children of montvale have many deep friends, suburban culture, and a sense of reality; while woodcliff lake is filled with back-stabbing children who pride themselves in having tons of money. go to hell

montvale is great. woodcliff lake sucks.

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Montvale: a small town in upper bergan county were they controll everything woodcliff lake does. woodcliff lake is to poor (supposedly) to get a high school, so they come to montvales. woodcliff lake boys live on basketball courts: rather watch a basketball game then chill with eachother. montvale is also supirior to another local town: park ridge. since a certain GIRL moved to montvale from that town, that town now feels the need to make fun of montvale kids, even though they know if the F5 start a fight with montvale kids, motown has a 6.2 200 lbs beast no one dare face, a red-neck/hollister wearing football player, the brother of bergan catholics best colligiate wrestler, a jacked up white boy from military school, and a bob marley lovin kid with no respect whatsoever. motown is supirior


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If you dare fuck with any Montvalers they will kick the living shit outta you. What i mean by this is that, if you start shit with any Montvaler, all of their friends will back them up (as mentioned above). Montvalers DO NOT get along with Woodcliff Lakers by any means. Woodcliff Lake is full of rich ass tough guys.

Montvaler 1 "You know that rich ass jew that lives on the hill?"

Montvaler 2 "Yeah I know him, what he do?"

Montvaler 1 "He was talking mad shit about you."

Montvaler 2 "Yo. Lets go get the crew and fuck him up."

Montvaler 1 "Haha, that fucking bitch is gunna get it for running his mouth."

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Montvale is a lovely little town in Northern Bergen County. In Montvale, there is an elementry school, a middle school and a highschool. Most woodcliff lake kids come to our highschool Pascack Hills High School. Montvale is the best and all haters are fucking jealous. Most kids are good. Some smoke and some drink but name one school where people don't. This is a great town and honestly we have the best friends here. The town might be boring but there is usually a lot to do. Montvale is 75% catholic, 20% jewish and 5% other. Just because we don't go to barmitzvahs everyweek and we don't get nose jobs and juicy items every other day. Montvale kicks ass and if you don't live here then why are you reading this?

Jaret: " Do you know Montvale?"

Megan: " You mean that awesome town in Northern Bergen County?"

Jaret: " Yeah"

Megan: " I LIVE THERE!!

Jaret: " DAMN! YOUR LUCKY!!"

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A small town in upper bergen county.

When these costa-rican piece of shit twins movedd to monvale then fuked up everything. they are gigantic sluts and boys only like them becuase of their boobs. they destroyed montvale.

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When did Montvale turn into the fucking Bronx? We understand that you've got each others backs in a cute fight..(which means a bunch of children standing around and bumping into each other for fifteen minutes) of course we hate Woodcliff Lake except for the Chruch on Woodcliff Ave. which represents!! Let the ghetto hostility go...

Damn Montvale

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