What is Moopy?


The state of being wasted. Can also describe one who is under the influence of god knows what. Typically involves being drunk or high. The more fucked up you are, the moopier you become.

Fuck studying, it's almost 2pm, let's get some bottles and some pot and get moopy together.

Look at that kid trippin; balls over there, he is totally in moopy mode

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adj. (Informal) -ier, -iest.

Being vicious and paranoid in nature.

Did you see that newbie try to fit in that moopy music forum? Agnetha tore him apart before he could finish his second post!

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Something is too big and it's floppy, and it's annoying

My pants are being all moopy

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adj - (MOO-pee) : Possessing the negative quality of moopiness. Coined by the blonde chickfrom the popular sitcom "Pals".

"Yeah, it is kinda moopy."

"Seven was a moopy year."

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The name given to plastic owls in northern BC Canada, especially Prince George. Moopy is a plastic replica of a great horned owl. The name was originally given by Nicole Krizmanich when she first acquired a plastic owl as a pet/friend.

Look at Moopy sitting on the fence; Canadian Tire and Homehardware sell Moopy owls.

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Not working properly. Niggardly. Lazy, The act of being moopy.

What's up with this moopy ass joint? I can't even get a hit off of it.

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