What is Mordfactor?


Closely linked to Mordeth, the Mordfactor is a paranormal force, primarily used for evil, often without the user's knowledge.

Can be referred to as "The Murphy's Law of Electronic Equipment".

Events with no plausible explanation are often referred to as the work of the Mordfactor. Most commonly, electronic equipment is damaged, but it extends to many other areas as well. If it can fry, the Mordfactor will most likely do so, but only for the individual cursed with it - everyone else will continue as normal.

Occasionally, the Mordfactor may be held responsible for an unusual "lucky" event, but are rare compared to "unlucky" events.

It is advised that anyone suspected of having a connection with the Mordfactor should be kept at a minimum distance of 10 metres from any critical electronic equipment.

Term coined by Damien Mulley, 2001.

The mordfactor fried my CPU!

My computer is screwed, I think the mordfactor got it.

See phaxx


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