What is Morp?


Morp is "Prom" spelled backwards. It's a casual dance, where the girls ask the guys and everyone can attend.

I asked Casey to Morp.


A super fun dance, (sometimes around the same time as prom). It is the word "Prom"spelled backwards and that is just what it is. A backwards prom. Instead of dressing super fancy and such, one would dress really crazy and fun. Most Morps are 80s themed or you just wear mismatched, bright, crazy, fun outfits and look like a total goof ball. It's lots of fun no matter what grade you are in.

Adri: Hey, Barbara. Do you have your MORP outfit yet?

Barbara: Not yet, I'm going to go to New To You later and look for something sparkly to go with my metallic spandex

Adri: Cool! MORP Is going to be so bitchin'!

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If you hadn't noticed, its prom spelled backwards. Its a party held for all non-prom-goers on prom night and no its not a party for rejects, its for groups of friends that aren't seniors yet... so get it right

Morp, my house, friday night at 8, spread the word to the rest of our friends..

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Prom spelled backwards. Usually on the same night as Prom. Usually attended by students who wish to dance in a provocative way not allowed at Prom.

NCHS Casper Wyoming 2005 Prom and Morp

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An exclamation or greeting akin to meep, but with more gravitas. Derives by onomatopoeia from the sound of dancing zombies.

"Morp! What's new in the news?"

"Morp morp."

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A nonsense word used when there is nothing better to say. Great for catching someone's attention when bored.

Also, when used as "Morp! Morp! Morp!" can sound like the Jim Henson Muppet "Swedish Chef" as he uses "Bork! Bork! Bork!" - just a fun word to fill empty spaces in noise.

"Morp. ...I'm bored"


"Morp! Morp! Morp! I like cheese!"

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someone who transends Merpdome.

see: Merp, Meep

Stephanie, Leah, Kris, Joy, Darcy, Luke

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