What is Moss?


to relax or chill. the act of chilling.

mark told trevor to moss while he skeeted in his eye.

See chill, relax, calm down, easy


To jump up and catch a football over a defender.

He jumped up and mossed him to score the touchdown.


A HUGE MESS. Particularly personified by botches from BU stumbling down the street the morning after a huge porty, latte in one hand, blackberry in the other. A moss is a way of life.

Dude, that botch is a mosssssssssss. You totally should dump her.

See moss, botch, mess, bu, chode, disaster, sorority girl


TO:Chill,Relax,Pause,Hold on,Stop,Remain in position.

yo man moss on that double cheseburger!

See moss, pause, relax, chill, hold on


often used instead of chill, or chillin mossin.

Katya: wuddup girl

Yasmin: nm, just mossin


Yasmin: -bumps really hard- o my bad



Katya: you wanna go have a bogie?

Yasmin: k lets moss in the gazibo

See mossin, moss, mossing, chillin, chill, chilling


to relax, and chill.. and it is also a football players last name ( Randy Moss ) plays for the Pats/ Rats..

yo dont stress it , just mosss

See chill, relax, calm, cool, proper


Describes ones hair.

Dennis Eckersly had some serious moss in the 80's

See moss, hair, rag, do, top


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