What is Mounara?


Poli omorfi gianeka pou theleis na gamisies.

A beautifull woman you'd love to fuck; a hottie

Eida mia mounara sti paralia pou then efere tipote kai tora eho megalo kavli!

I saw a hottie on the beach who wasn't wearing anything and now I have a huge boner!

Jessica Simpson einai mounara.


Greek slung

Mouni is pussy in Greek thus mounara is big pussy.

You say it for women that are extremely hot.

However you don't address to women you do not know with this word or you will be kicked on the balls(most times...)

Po po what is this mounara. I think I got an erection

Guy speaking:You are very mounara please sleep with me

Woman replying:Go play with your dick re malaka and leave me alone!

See pussy, beautiful


Greek word:

you pussy

ai pidixou mounara


A very sexy woman

Po po ti mounara einai ayti


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