Mozart Boobs

What is Mozart Boobs?


In the Opera World, terminology referring to breasts which neatly fit into a corset, therefore looking good on the Opera Stage i.e. they'd be grand in a Mozart opera, such as The Marriage of Figaro.

Backstage hand 1: Phwoar!

Backstage hand 2: Yeah!

Backstage hand 1: Yeah, I'd do that!

Backstage hand 2: Anytime!

Backstage hand 1: I know we're doing Wagner, but...

Backstage hand 2: BUT...!

Backstage hand 1: That's a right set of Mozart boobs!

Backstage hand 2: What I wouldn't do to get my hands on that pair...

Backstage hand 1 (dreamily): yeah...

Backstage hand 2: yeah...

Backstage hand 1: (hornily): YEAH!

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