What is Mudflaps?


When a female has so much intercourse that her genitalia resembles the mudflaps on a semi truck.

When colette took her pants off I could see the reason they dubbed her with the nickname "mudflaps".

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1. The flaps located behind the wheels of a car, so that mud doesnt get caught underneath

2. When a chicks inner lavium sticks out past the body. Looks dirty

Chicks with mudflaps are dirrrty


a description of the sagging labia minora. When a woman's inner pussy lips hang or protrude outside of a woman's pussy resembling a trucker's mudflaps. Often associated with age or child birth. Loathed by young men, savored by older men. Cursed by all women and often the leading reason for designer vaginal rejuvination.

Ewe, Dad, did you see the mudflaps on that old stripper? Yeah, Son I did. Mudflaps are great to suck on.

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In contrast to pissflaps, which refer to the labia minora, mudflaps refer to the peculiar instance of anal warts in which the growths form a densley-populated forest of protrusions that obscure the hotpocket itself.

Don't fuck Mike in the butt he has mudflaps and honey that is one floral arrangement you do NOT want, mhmmm.

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The buttocks, bum cheeks, ass. The flesh surrounding the turd cutter. When you pinch a loaf the combination of two bum cheeks act as both guidance system and splashguard.

"Big bottom, big bottom, talk about mudflaps - my girl's got 'em!" - lyrics from "Big Bottom", Spinal Tap.

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1. When a teenage girl's (who has already gone through puberity) tits droop/sag below the mid-section of her torso.

2. Saggy asstits.

1. When Sasha changed into her bikini her mudflaps were flailing around recklessly .

2. I thought that bitch had a bangin ass body, until I felt up her mudflaps.

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Vagina lips that have a brown rosey appearance and hang one to four centimeters below the labia especially when aroused.

A cause for concern if the perp is not familiar with female anatomy which can vary greatly from vagina to vagina.

1/8th of female population.Mudflaps.

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