What is Muehlskyner?



- noun

A muehlskyner is any persons who refuses to shower under any given circumstances. Muehlskyners will spend most of their time shaving goats and doing manual labor in fields. Muehlskyners are nearly impossible to understand and sound like a retarded German trying to learn English for the first time. Muehlskyners physical appearance is, dirty greasy hair, a ton of acne, a hunch back, haggard clothes and will on most occasions have multiple bags of use less belonging on both shoulders. If a muehlskyner is ever spotted tell him to go get you something and run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible, they stink! and are extremely annoying!

Go get a drink Muehlskyner you dirty bastard.

See muehlskyner, berger, brian


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