Muffin Top

What is Muffin Top?


A word coined by australian comidiennes Kath and Kim, meaning when a woman wears a pair of tight jeans that makes her flab spill out over the waistband, just like the top of a muffin sits over the edge of the paper case.

Jeez, check out the Muffin Top on that chick! *shudder


Muffin-Top is a word used to describe the strange and bizarre waist scrunching effect that results when females wear tight fitting, low-rise/hip-hugger pants along with small-sized, navel exposing, mid-riff tops.

Though, the effect is more extreme with heavier females, all females, with the exception of anorexic models, can fall victim to the muffin-top disaster. The reason for this, is that the design of low-rise/hip-hugger pants, originally popular during the late 60’s and early-to-mid 70’s, defies the natural shape and contours of the average females’ body; forcing the skin and fat around her waist, back and upper buttocks to spill out over her pants and through her tiny crop-top, causing a muffin-top effect.

Originally, the idea behind low-rise pants and mid-riff tops, which made their first reappearance during the mid-to-late 90’s, was to produce clothing that would make a woman’s torso appear longer, and possibly thinner, than it actually was. Normally, men’s pants are designed with lower waists, because of their naturally longer torsos, narrower hips and smaller pelvises. In order to recreate this “longer, thinner torso” appearance for women, clothing manufacturers adopted shorter-waist, men’s trousers, modified the design for the female market, resulting in the catastrophe that the word, “muffin-top” currently describes. The muffin-top’s legacy, if anything, describes the disaster that can result when the fashion industry goes terribly wrong. The existence of muffin-tops is currently quite common, which is a testament to the fact that women will buy and wear anything, regardless of how vulgar and ridiculous it looks, as long as it is popular.

Wow, look at that muffin top!

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The abdominal spillover that results from a husky woman wearing a too-tight pair of low-cut pants.

Sweet Jesus! Look at the muffin top on that deuce.


The roll of fat that hangs over the top of too-tight, low rise jeans.

When looked at from behind, from the waist down she looked like a muffin top.

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When your love handles burst out over the top of your tight pants, giving your lower back/butt the appearance of a muffin.

Man Look at Joanie over there with those skanky jeans on, she sure has a wild case of muffin top.

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A word used to describe one whos fat is desperately trying to escape the suffication from tight jeans resulting in the fat tumbeling over.

Shayna is such a fatass look at her muffin top!


The roll of fat that slumps over the waistband of too tight lowrider jeans.

"That girl is cute but look at that muffin top."

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