Murder Inc.

What is Murder Inc.?


A fuckin' group of fucking wannabe-gangstas

includin' Ja Rule or Irv Goddy

"Yo, I killed the whole Murda Inc. Crew. I'm the King!!" "You're damn right!"


fucken fag who are trien toooooo hard

See nessa


The Ocean-Hill/Brownsville Combination, Brooklyn gangsters in the 1930s and 1940s.

Specializing in labor racketeering and murder for hire, this bi-ethnic Jewish/Italian gang had some of the greatest nicknames in the annals of crime:

Lepke Buchalter

Dasher Abbondando

Tick Tock Tannenbaum

Kid Twist Reles

The Mad Hatter Anastasia

Gurrah Shapiro

Buggsy Goldstein

If Murder Inc.were alive today, Messrs. Rule and Cent would be swimming in Loch Sheldrake chained to a slot machine.

See gangsters, mafia, brooklyn, back in the day, hitman


group of people hoo dont have to start shit wit other rappers to get famous. Aka a group dats better than G-unit(Gay unit)

Ja rule, irv gotti, Black child, caddilac tah,ashanti,and lloyd.

See judson


Wahahahahahah Aint Dat Right SonNnNnNn

CoCk SuCkAzZzZzZzZzZ LoOoOoOoL


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