What is Mutual?


Having a wank with a friend or group of friends.

Just off for a mutual with Ben.

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feeling the same way

me and my girlfriend mutually love each other

See josh


When people agree on something

Person #1: Yea, that new Sublime song is pretty good

Perosn #2: Yea, that's mutual

See agreed, right, true


When two people love each other the same...and they don't cheat on each other.

Muffet and Kendricks love is mutual, they love each other the same and they do not cheat on each other. That is some REAL LOVE.

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A 2-sided war in the wargame NukeZone

hey, man. Login asap, we have a mutual.

See nukezone, guffy, pride


noun or verb (both at the same time)

the new 69. She gives you an HJ (hand job) while you finger bang 'er

I went to pet the cat to see if it was wet and into it then she grabbed my piece and it just erupted into a full on mutual

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