Muxie Duxer

What is Muxie Duxer?


A child who plays with or in water or other liquids, potentially creating a mess.

The term was in use in the LaBrecque family in Elmira, New York in the late 1930s, but as such may have earlier French-Canadian origins (Beaumont, Quebec).

* A five-year-old who mashes up a bowl of ice cream into a soup using the back of a spoon.

* A four-year-old who drags a chair over to the kitchen sink and pours tap water back and forth between pots, bowls, or glasses.

* A three-year-old splashing in a bath, or conveying bathwater between shampoo bottles or rinsing basins, long past the point of cleanliness.

All are examples of a muxie duxer (the child) engaged in muxie duxing (the activity).

Using the term to describe combining different colors of Play-Doh or modeling clay into a brown lump is a colloquial misuse of the term, as those materials are not technically liquids.

Swimming activities are not as a rule considered muxie duxing as the facilities tend to be designed to contain any mess created.

The term may be applied pejoratively to an unskilled or especially slow bartender.

See mess, water, child, sink


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