What is Mynyad?


Mynyad is what one says when at least these two conditions exist.

1) while trying to recall the word at the moment when one realizes that the the point is currently moot.

2) the person figures that making any sound at all will create a place-holder, such that if the word comes to mind during the time they are babbling, then they actually got the word out in time.

Example, you are late for work and are a passenger in a car as you see your exit is about to go by. You were just day dreaming and realize that by the time you form the words "Turn here!" the driver will have passed the exit. So instead you say Mnyad!!! (loudly)hoping that the driver who is on autopilot will be shocked, read your mind, stand on the brakes (to transfer weight to the front wheels) so that a hard right turn can be made and you are on your way towards the exit ramp. Mynyad is downright dangerous, but it works sometimes. Especially if your name is O'B


When you cannot think of anything else to say if you are in a hostile or scary situation.


Such as speeding in a car and you hit black ice, you can't control it, just go with it.


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