What is Mystic-cobra?


mys-tic-co-bra (miss-tick-coe-brah)


1. A jealous person, especially with regard to a close friend.

2. An attention whore.

3. A person who attempts to dominate a conversation, regardless of another person's interest or concern.

4. A person with a poor grasp of the English language.


Mystic-Cobrish - adjective

Mystic-Cobrishly - adverb

"Joe is so jealous that his friend is getting all this attention, he's such a Mystic-Cobra."

"In Joe's world, everything HAS to be about him... what a Mystic-Cobra!"

"I hate when some Mystic-Cobra jumps into the conversation... they never know when to shut up!"

"Did that guy even go to school? By the way he speaks, he sounds like such a Mystic-Cobra..."

"What a sad, Mystic-Cobrish idiot... this conversation doesn't have anything to do with him!"

"Joe couldn't put a proper sentence together if his life depended on it... he Mystic-Cobrishly butchers the English language..."

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