What is N?


Arguably the best free Flash game ever created. The game is a platformer by genre, with a few puzzle elements that come from the stunts you must pull involving jumps. N stands for Ninja, as you play a small stick figure ninja who is capable of running at very high speed, wall jumping, and jumping very long distances. The game has staying power due to the users' ability to make their own maps as well as play the levels other people create, though it could be months before you get through all the normal game's levels.

You must avoid a variety of enemies, all of which kill you brutally and violently (though it couldn't be called disturbing, he's only a stick figure) which is made extra entertaining due to the game's physics engine.

I almost got fired because I got caught playing N at work again. Dammit too, because I was *this* close to finally beating Episode 49!


It's an abbr. of "and"

u' n me

See Nick


A letter used in accordance all across southern orange county.

That party was so ñ!

I am feeling so ñ right now!

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Abbreviation for Newton, the SI unit for force. A Newton is a derived unit (kg x m / s^2)

Weight is not measured in kilograms, it is measured in Newtons. That is because weight is a measurement of force while kilograms are used to describe mass.


internet slang for the word 'no.' commonly used in polls or to answer a yes/no question.

poll: do you like the u.s govt?

mary: n


are you going to the dance?

mary: n

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UNLESS your under 12 > its a lazy fucking way of comprehending an addition of the word and> &

yo eric the fucking lazy ass! type or write AND you dumb fuck youre not 12 no MORE

See n, so, the, goes, dont, get, caught, with, stds


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