N E Way

What is N E Way?


Quick way of saying anyway.

KoolHotBitch99: Hey guys :D:D Please give me your asl as im a total stranger, I dont bite LOLOL!!!111!!!

DrDestruction: SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH...N e way back 2 the subject...


A way of saying you are not particularly fussed about which orifice you are fucked in.

People may use this term subconciously in text messages but you now know what they really mean.

N E Way what you up to tonight


A way of changing the damn subject.Often followed by or used with a roll of the damn eyes.

N E ways..*rolls eyes* i was chillin an' den he be sayin all this shit like shauniqua was on him an' u kno wut girl? *rolls eyes for special effect*....

See change, anyways, roll eyes, whatever, who cares


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