What is Nad?


testicle (male, mammal anatomy)

Don't make me kick you in the nads, Beavis.

See spencer


Simile for the verb masturbate due to the recent web cam show by a very unpopular former UK Glamour Industry employee.

I had a right good nad over those pictures in FHM

See masturbate, wank, toss, bash the bishop, jack off, beat off


balls, testicles, those things under your dick

I got kicked in the nads

See balls, testes, scrotum, sperm


The singular term for a guy's great man goojies.

That man with the vasectomy has an enormous nad!

See testical, goojies, nads


Producer of electronic multimedia equipment such as recievers, amplifiers, cd- and dvd-players. Both stereo and sorround sound. Known for combining fairly low prices with good quality. NAD was originally an acronym for "New Acoustic Dimesion". Founded 1972.

My sorround reciever is a NAD.

See Zig


A Stupid person.A man who can`t get laid no matter what he does.

Example:Joe falls down the stairs at school a passer by yells "What a Nad!"

A boy asks a girl to dance with him she says "get lost Nad!"

See nerd, nimrod, idiot, moron


Literal meaning: Not A Dud

NAD: (1) NADs are the opposite of DUDs. NADs don't like DUDs (Duds), don't hang out with DUDs, and definitely don't want to be DUDs. NADs do what they want, have fun, party hard, and believe that we are all only young once--so live it up now!

Kate: Are you going out tonight?

Alex: No, I am going to stay home by myself and hang out with my cat while you go out with our friends to a bar have fun.

Katie: I thought you were a NAD?

Alex: I guess I am a DUD.

See awesome, fun, rock star, dud, loser, lame, boring


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