Naked Hot Box

What is Naked Hot Box?


start off by u and ur partner gettin naked both get under a big blanket and Prop it up with a stick and make sure there are openings. Then procede to smoke bowls until its too thick to see each other. And if shes down u can blow smoke in the pussy also known as "pussy tokin" and while down there give it a lil kiss jus to tease.....and when all pots are smoked u stay naked an finish the job ya digg!

Try it!

Scientific Version...Naked hot box begins with the unclothing of all participents involved. hope on a bed and cover with a blanket or anything that will make it sealed-tight all the way around. Have one person hold up the top to create a ceiling or pitched tent effect. Then proceed to toke the cronic until enveloped in thick smoke...Lay back and enjoy the sexy haze and see where it everytime.

Optional pussy toke for additional pleasure.

I love naked hot box!!

See weed, pussy, high, hot box, sex


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