What is Naraku?


The main Villian of InuYasha, and is the Kewlest InuYasha character out there. Oh, and he's a Hanyou, and creates Detatchments by using the power of the Shikon no Tama.

Naraku: So basically, you are me, and I own you.

Kaseyu: Then why the hell didn't I know this, and why did you just tell me now!?

Naraku: Because I'm evil, and it helped your powers grow.

Pilmo: Well, yeah, but just for that, I'm going to kill you and free Kaseyu!

Naraku: You can't beat me, weakling!

Kaseyu: He does have a point, I'm sorry to say.

Pilmo: Kaseyu...! I thought you were on my side!


-Drool- The shexy villian from InuYasha. Much better than Sesshoumaru. Often seen dressed as a monkey, creating detachments, and/or just running away from a fight.

But who would want to get bruises if they were that pretty, huh?

see bishi


The main villian of the show 'InuYasha'. Also the father of Kanna, Kagura, and Hakudoshi. Currently the lover of Xellos and is very sexy.

Also look under monkey

Monkeys like fruit and Naraku is a monkey.


The main antagonist from the piece of crap manga that is Inuyasha, and the only reason any mature individual would actually want to subject themselves to such a childish story.

Naraku does not usually wish to involve himself in physical fights, and instead creates living detachments from his own body to do his dirty work. Some people think this is a cowardly method of fighting, but the more mature Inuyasha fans know that he does it just to further his role of the story's "mind-fucker", because smart fans know that Naraku could wtfpwn Inuyasha's flaming ass if the homo would stop being a pussy and actually present himself as a threat to Naraku.

Even though Inuyasha is the most epic piece of fail on the planet, Naraku is one of the most badass antagonists in manga literature, and it's a shame considering the story that he's in.

Naraku is the only good character in Inuyasha.

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A sinster half-demon who dosent close the door when he is on the crapper taking a dump.

Naraku sat on the toilet in a cafe, reading the daily stock report while taking a dump, in full view of all the dining people

See J


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