What is Nare?


Pernounced : Nahr-Ree

To declare the "Nare" on someone, is to basically say the urban version of "Ha Ha-Ha Ha Ha" or to rub in ones face.

It is yelled as though you want everyone around you to hear it. It is used to make fun of a person.

Mainly used in Kokomo, Indiana.

Usually made with an ugly face to make others laugh. Sometimes the hands are involved by:

1 Placing one next to your face with a bent thumb and two first fingers.

2 holding the hand over your face.

3 Throwing your hand over your head as if performing an athletic stretch.

As Dustin fell on his face during lunch, Carl yelled "Nare on Dustin" He placed his hand next to his head and made an ugly face. Everyone laughed. Carl never let go of the moment for the rest of the year.

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