Nasti Nati

What is Nasti Nati?


common mispelling of the correct "NASTY NATI" i.e. cincinnati, ohio. where the cool kids are.

what up i'm from the nasti nati, and i can't spell.

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'Nasty' or 'Nasti', doesnt matter the spelling. A phrase used best to represent your hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. A place where police officers will give you 5 to 10 different sobriety tests in hope that you fail one. A place where you better not drop or reach for your wallet in front of an officer. Home of the Bengals, Reds, and the 2001 riots. A place where you can freely dress in red and nobody shoots you because they think you're a member of the bloods. (They'll shoot you just because...)

''...but officer, it's just my wal-...'' ///*blam, blam, blam*/// ''Oops, we've done it again. Call a medic. but first... sprinkle some crack on him and say he's from the Nasti Nati.''

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