Nasty Nineteenths

What is Nasty Nineteenths?


A term that can only be used in the same sentence as the most digusting of sluts. She is a literal cum dumpster if she can get past filthy fifths...

Just think about the term for a moment...Nasty nineteenths. Thats fucking gross. Even sloppy seconds is pretty groady.

Mike: bang Jenny last week?

Devon: I was her filthy fifth. What were you?

Mike: Her nasty nineteenth!

Devon: ...that's not something to be proud of.

Mike: I know. I've got herpes, gonorrhea, crabs...

Devon: Oh...sorry dude.

Mike: Hmm? It's not your fault.

Devon: She was clean before I got her...

Mike: Nasty Nineteenths are gross now...


See sloppy seconds, cum dump, cum dumpster, jizz guzzler


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