Native Americans

What is Native Americans?


Indiginous Americans who were cheated out of their land.


The REAL Americans. They lived peacefully until the whites came. They brought diseases such as smallpox and syphilis to the land, disturbed (and later mass-slaughtered) the buffalo which they were dependent on and killed masses of native men, women and children WHO SURRENDERED.

But think about this for a moment; peaceful natives wrongly accused, declared war upon, thousands of innocents tortured and killed... and the land conquered by a bunch of dickwads who wanted GOLD and OIL. History repeating itself?

Pocahontas was real, but when her tribe was slaughtered she ran away to another country where she died of smallpox. Not such a happy ending is it? Many Native Americans died on the tiny infertile reservations they were forced onto.

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Asiatic people who migrated to the American Continents. They were the first explorers of the "new world". They were called "Indians" by the Europeans who wrongly believed that they had found India. The Natives were pushed off of their land by whites who believed in Manifest Destiny. As a result, the Native Americans are minorities in extreme terms. Not all mixed with blacks during slavery. That's a lie, some mixed after slavery as freed men such as my family in the 1950's, these people are called Griffes. Confused with Mulattos but we are not Mulattos.

Hasapa hemacha/Lakhota. My two people


As a proud seminole well actually ima black Seminole yea my great great great grandfather escaped slavery went to florida nad lived withthe Seminole tribe.Most seminoles are black anyway.So yeah we were smart enough not to listen to the white people even so I think it was my great great granfather who along iwth thousands fought in hte Seminole war against american.REally one of the few wars the USA actually lose.

Us NAtive Americans and actually Africans realised htta everything on this earth is recycled and we learned how to coexist with Nature.Ever since the Europeans came this country has changed dramatically.There are few to no buffalo herd.I saw a few in oklahoma but thats it.Brown Hispanics who dont realise it but they are half spanish and half native american.

WE are a strong pride people that was killed off.

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The once peaceful people who live in what is now North, Central, and South America. But since the Europeans came over the ocean, everything has changed, no shit. The Spanish and Africans (slaves) blended with many of the southern natives who weren't dead yet. Some natives retreated far into the mountains and forests (and saved their languages and cultures) so in a way, they were luckier than the northern natives. As for them, they were nearly fucking exterminated (again through diseases, poverty, and murders). 95% of natives were killed by the mid 1800's. And it didn't help when they were "removed" by the people who believed in Manifest Destiny, forced onto reservations (might as well be concentration camps), forbidden to practice traditions and speak their languages, and converted to Catholicism.

Here's a few random things people should know:

1. DON'T compare our suffering to other peoples' (like the Africans and Jewish people). What, is there a contest to see who's suffered the most?

2. It's safe to say that we LOVE to danceand sing. And have sexual relations. Some more obvious than others.

3. Not all of us are fucking alcoholics. And only a SMALL percentage of reservations own casinos, which they pay hard worked CA$H for.

4. There are lots of DIFFERENT tribes.

5. Not all of us are bitter for what happened. After all, many of us are blended with other nationalities (like latinos/metizos, metis and griffes...)

6. No matter how much the opression towards us, we will stay strong.

Native Americans, get it yet?

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A proud race that migrated from the North to the "New World." People whos ways of Nature and beauty were more cherished then others. Some Tribes believed that a "Native" was born with a quality under a wheel. Courage, Braviery, wisdom, Honor, medicine man. "Tun-Han-kua" -Lokota for Buffollo, was a symbol of God.

But in the 1800s Europeans, now reconized as the white man, stole land and raped my people. Put us in Rez and tried to make us like them. In old classical Films, we were saw as the "Bad Guys, Savages" When the savages were really greedy mine workers. The term "Indian" is a ignorant statement from that fag Christopher Columbus.

"The White Man Are Like Locust." - From 'Into the West'

Native Americans - True owners of American.

Idiot - So what rase are you?

Native- Im Native American.

Idiot - an Indian! cool!

Native - No, a Native American, or Native, I dont call you honkie do I?

Idiot - No duhh

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1. original settlers of America

2. original hippies

3. people who think nature is the shit (which it is)

4. some of the most gorgeous peoeple in the world



Fulano: i dunno, ese, all those gringos killed them in the 16th century

Indians you might know of: Pocahauntas, Jacob Black...yep.

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