Nazi Low Riders

What is Nazi Low Riders?


Prison gang now appearing as a street gang of Caucasians in Southern California, but their influence may be spreading. I have read that most of the members tend to be younger than those in the Aryan Brotherhood. I think this type of group is usually started out of necessity. A common need for protection, and strength through unity in the prison system.

Their allies are not entirely Caucasian gangs, in fact they are allied with various prison/street gangs that are Latino, which hints that the gang is not racist, although they are not allied with many african-american gangs, in fact probably none at all. The latter leads to the popular misconception that the gang is racist. They are not in fact racist or anti-semitic, as their name implies, instead use the name Nazi to reflect pride in their Caucasian heritage.

The gang is sometimes referred to as NL, or NLR.

"The Nazi Low riders might help you out if you land your self in prison white boy!"

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Prison gangstemming from white pride background to a new and unique criminally established threat to America's streets and crimefacilities.

They watch az the Nazi Low Riders prove themselves amongst doubtful rivals and recieve respect as well as power.

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A prison gang made up of weak minded caucasians who think they are white, but disgrace their race while having intercourse outside of prison with surenos.

yo gangsta im Nazi Low Riders that means im a nazi who has sex with mexicans.

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