What is N.b.?


Note well, an Important Note, take notice.

Nota bene is a Latin phrase, often used after a paragraph to give an extra importance to a particular idea or thought.

Also could be written as: NB

" ________________

_______ _______

___________ ___ Bla Bla Bla "

N.B. this applies to yearly members only.

See i.e., ps, p.s.


Cannot be defined

The reader or listener is usually left to guess what this word means

Only two people know the true meaning. Three, if you include Beyonce

The creators, talon and johanna allude some to believe it means "no boundaries," but that's a lie. We just use No Boundaries as a way of life, it perils in comparison to the true meaning.

-Dude, Johanna, that GNR concert was so cronum.

-I know, it was totally N.B.

See marglar, fandango


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