What is Nef?


Created in the Anandtech forums, it was a member who posted useless crap to increase his post count. Hence, the term eventually branched out in to other forums and became a popular term among forum goers. Lifers are usually a harmless bunch, not as vicious as trolls. All they care about is the postcount..

You're such a nef.

Stop neffing your lifer.

See prop


usually found in forums;

somebody who wastes a post with a useless remark or comment just to increase their post count.

POSTED BY: uselessuser

hey yo sups dudes, ..i just took a shit just now! cool huh! ur thoughts?

See dan


v. or n.

Much like post whoring, but usually much more comedic and with more of a purpose (I know it's an oxymoron). Created in the AnandTechforums (likely in ATOT).

(to a nef that isn't funny):

Stop posting/BAN!/ DIAF, you worthless nef.


A sweet little person who cares about everybody more than themselves.

You're well my wee Nef, always putting everyone first.

Nef is the nicest little person in the land

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Short for nephew, used when addressing an acquaintance or friend

"Hey Tyrone, what's up my nef?"

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accronym for non exciting female

if you feel 'bout woman who made you only sure to lick her cunt so you can say her a NEF woman.

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A goup in chicago on the side south (43rd in federal/state) that run everything and known as (the newphews)

what's up yall know I had to rep chi-town


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