Neo Tyrant

What is Neo Tyrant?


someone who expresses their political and socio-economic beliefs openly and with complete and utter disdain for any opposition. These beliefs are usually facts and are not usually noticed by the general public due to sheer stupidity and religious views, both of which are a great hindrance to the way things are.

An individual who utterly decimates the ideals of their foes with glee and deft.

"Please chose a poem and write it on a poster board for the assignment."

-hey, um... do we have to write it on poster board?

-no you fucking retard, that is not what the instructions said, it clearly states 'raise your hand and ask fucking retarded ass questions to piss the rest of us off' you fucking bitch.

(a typical answer from a neo tyrant

-hey guys you know what would be kool? if we were all to go an say words with different emphasizes on different syllables!!

-no Matt, shit the fuck up you are not funny, nor will you ever be; go fucking kill yourself and make the rest of us happier.

See better than you, fuck the shut up, bitch, n00b


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