What is Neogoth?


1.An angsty outcast, between the ages 12 & 18, that attempts to be "goth" by dressing up in the latest hot topic clothes in order to try to look like their favorite anime characters.

2.A pathetic americanized attempt at a visual kei style or dress.

3.Sometimes an alternative term for mall goth.

4. A teenager that commonly fits the following decriptions

- bisexual

- random(i.e:WAFFLES!^^)

- obsessed with japan & anime but doesn't know anything past

what they watch on adult swim

- wears bondage pants/naruto head bands/cat ears/neko caps

- listens to crappy J-Rock(Gackt/Dir en grey)

- listens to crappy american faggotry (HIM/Marilyn


- found glomping others

- pronounces kawaii incorrectly

Is there a Neogoth near here? I swear I just heard someone talking about Invader Zim and Full Metal Alchemist.

See neogoth, neo-goth, neo, goth, mall, mall goth, bisexual, hot topic, invader zim, weeaboo, wapanese, naruto, visual kei, mcr, dir en grey, anime, japan, manga, adult swim


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