What is Neo-liberal?


Neoliberalism refers to a political-economic philosophy that has had major implications for government policies beginning in the 1970s and increasingly prominent since 1980– that de-emphasizes or rejects government intervention in the economy, focusing instead on structured free-market methods, and fewer restrictions on business operations and that the most important class of rights to expand are those of property enforcement, and of opening nations to entry by multinational corporations. In a broader sense it is used to describe the movement towards using the market to achieve a wide range of social ends previously filled by government.

It is generally hostile to protectionism, social democracy and socialism. It is often at odds with fair trade and other movements that argue that labor rights and social justice should have a greater priority in international relations and economics.

A stark contrast to the earlier entry.

The Democrats in America are nothing more than a bunch of Neo-liberals, and the Republicans are freaking Neo-cons!

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Not to be confused with neoliberal economics, a neo-liberal is a person that is the exact opposite of a neo-conservative. Unlike the neo-con, the neo-lib rejects everything related to God and uses more emotion versus logic in regards to social, environmental and political issue decision making.

She was a neo-liberal who believed that it was better to give away all her money to the poor, then feed her own children.

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