What is Nerdface?


similar to blackface, refers to the caricatures of nerds in the media

"Dude, the way they depict the losers in Revenge of the Nerds is so nerdface."

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A person who is extremely annoying and always has a response or an unwanted comment for every conversation that person is or is not involved in.Then purposely try to annoy people and often wear glasses, and a retainer

"Popi you are such a nerdface!"

"What are you saying you nerdface?"

"Seriously your annoying me you nerdface!"

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Someone who is cool and witty but slightly nerdy 2, used as a term of address/ endearment! Geek Chic!!

Phil (fillipo)... you are a nerdface!!!

Dude, that platt look a like is such a nerdface!!


Hay Nerdface, hows u?

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