What is Nerdilicious?


Nerdilicious Is A Nerd/ GeekThat Is So Nerdy They Become Sexy.

A Nerdilicious Nerd/Geek, Normally Wears Tight Clothing, Wears Thick Framed GlassesAnd Most Of The Time, Some Sort Of EmoStyled HairCut.

They Sometimes Also Work In Bookshops.

* Sunny Day In Toppers Bookshop *

Ellie: Wow Look At That Hott Nerdilicious Geek Behind The Counter.

Geordie: Yeaah! I'd Bang That Shit.

Ellie: Too Fuckin' Right.

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a common term used to define an object or person that stimulates the brain to such an extent, that anyone who encounters such a thing is highly susceptible to emotions of orgasmic proportions.

Anyone who is tagged with this name is certainly gay and should seek advice from their local physician.

"Oh my god, look at his suspenders. That is one nerdilicious son of a bitch".

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