What is Nerg?


To be used when there is nothing better to say, or you want to say something quirky.



Nerg is an acronym for-- Not Even Really Good

Man, these kids suck, they are straight nergs

wow, your nerg at this game

See noob, garbage, n00b, n00b5


short for the arabic word "nerghile" which is a middle-eastern water pipe used to smoke flavored tobacco out of.

Eddie: Pass the fuckin nerg genj you've had it for an hour.

Vicken: Relax, Rob and Big is on. I like this show.

John: Oh shit its milkyy.

Allen: Suck me off.

Eddie: Fuck this im goin out for a stoge.

Vicken: Oh mannnnn, i smoked a pack today, but i'll go for another smoke genj, im depressed.

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all my NERGs throw your hands up!

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A maleloser, who obsesses about specific women and generally as a result is rejected. They also put their finger(right hand) in the anusand scoop out poo in scout camp and wave it in the air whilst saying "I am a Nerg"

Fergus Maunsell(nerg)fergusmaunsell@hotmail

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have a lot of energy! notice..... N-ER-G

I have a lot of nerg today when i played football.

Man I need a NERG drink.

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the art of smokn hookah

lets go smoke a nerg

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