New Age Bogan Or Nab

What is New Age Bogan Or Nab?


NAB or New age bogan a person who drives a 4 to 6cly imported cars from japan and think's it's a race car but really it's a japanese family sedan eg. 4 door Skyline, honda and a toyota soarer and often have what is called a car slut or skank.

A female that will sleep with anyone and are 15 to 20 years younger then the male. This person will hate holden and ford as they will be beaten be these cars all the time most of these. NAB's will work at place like KFC and Mc donald's and most of them will join a car club called boostcruising they will drive there full sick rice's and hang out at most KFC and or Mc Donald's car parks AKA there work and most of these car's don't have boost AKA turbo's and or supercharger's.

gay carpNABshitracerice fagNew Age Bogan or NAB

See nab, bogan, asshole, boostcruising


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