New Britain

What is New Britain?


Former center manufacturing and current worn-down shell of a town, New Britain has a rich past and mediocre present. Coming from a town infamous for gang wars, teacher-student relationships, and corrupt, perverted superintendents of schools, New Britainites who leave are often asked if they have ever been shot at, much to their chagrin. Home to Capitol Lunch, Central Connecticut State University and the New Britain Rock Cats (and, in the past, the New Britain Red Sox, the farm team for the Boston Red Sox). Residents don't understand why you think they're rich, they don't have an accent, and they call oblong sandwiches grinders, thankyouverymuch.

"Gonna go get some Cappy Dogs before the Rock Cats game. Or something."

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Hard Hittin' New Britain. Huge town, but if you ask many who live there, they will say small, because word of mouth spreads EXTREMLY quickly.

Broad Street is the center of Polish life. Club Arkadia is the 'place to be' Saturday nights with the techno pumpin', and sexy girls all over the place. The New Britain Hurricanes are the number one high-school football team in the state. Home to Central Connecticut State University and its Blue Devils. Bordering Southington is the New Britain Reservoir - best spot to cliffjump - just don't get caught. Probably the only city in the world with pimped out cars with rims that are worth more than the cars themselves. 8th largest city in Connecticut. Teenagers have gotten quite creative at New Britain High, when they want some time off from school they just call in a bomb threat. Lots of parks .. with woods .. great places to hold illegal bonfires .. until the fire department comes. There is no Wendy's; it is very disappointing. We've got Capitol Lunch. We've got Guida's Milk. The superintendent doesn't like to call snowdays .. even when there are crazy blizzards and you're snowed inside your house.

Geographically, it's close to .. everywhere. The beach, New York City, Rhode Island, Mass., malls, movie theaters, ice-skating rinks, and great nightclubs are all close by.

As much as some may complain about living there, it's a good place to call home. =)

Hard Hittin' New Britain.

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A city in central connecticut.

Frequently divided into two parts

New Britski (polish people and the like)


Nuevo Britain.

This city has polish restaurants and markets as well as some slummy areas.

My polish aunt is from new britski. Carlos is from nuevo britain. However, they both live in new Britain

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