What is Newgot?


Newgot, new • got, adjective (African American colloquialism/slang).

1. An African American/Black person with a very large percentage of European/White ethnic background.

2. An African American/Black person that looks like a White person due to the genetics of his/her racial heritage, mixing, and background.

Girl: That white boy can sure play him some hoop.

***Translation -- That white man is very good at playing the game of basketball.

Child: Girl, he ain't white -- he's newgot!

***Translation -- He is not white, he is a brothaAfrican American/Black.

Girl: My bag, I thought he was white -- anyway...Child, he got good hair, he's gonna be my baby's daddy.

***Translation -- My mistake, I thought he was a white guy. Anyway, he is cute...I have to see if we can date.


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