What is Newport?


nigga its the best cigarette ever made even with the fiberglass. makes me feel like i'm dying so i know i'm getting my moneys worth son!

you got a newport? SHIT YEA BUT U AINT GETTIN IT


A brand of cigarette that most black people smoke.

Hey Billy wanna go smoke a Marlboro in "Smoker's Alley?" No I wanna go smoke a Newport with Tyrone.

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A rich, preppy town of 27,000 in Rhode Island. Home to wealthy retired men and women who live in big mansions. Some of the biggest mansions in the USA.

Newport, Rhode Island is a really rich town.

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A small coastal town in Carteret county North Carolina with a population of 4,197. with nothing to do in the winter, most of the time spent in Newport is looking for bud, and spending money on 40oz's. It's neighboring towns include Morehead City, Havelock (Cherry Point MCAS), and Mill Creek.

Yo man, we need to find a way into Newport so i can pick my weed up.

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Newport, South Wales, another chav hot-spot badly in need of a WMD. Sandwich filling between Bristol and Cardiff like a bug between a road and a shoe. The Romans abondoned the area around 410ad and the British Labour Party eventually took over, hence it remains a ruin. The river Usk flows through it and the M4 goes past it. Never stop or you'll lose your hubcaps. Scene of Chaterist Rebellion and the founding of the Trade Union Movement, so not all bad news. Nice on the outskirts.

Newport Highlights;

Ringland, Alway, Somerton & Duffryn council estates designed by 1960's graduate town planners on speed, now scenic backdrops to Mordor; Pil for the final volcano scene.

Everything-for-a-Pound Shops.

Splendind Transporter Bridge (now that is a work of engineering art)

The Steel Works (now abandoned too)

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Niggas Either Winning Pimpin Or Runining Things

Why do we black folks smoke newports ? because Niggas Either Winning Pimpin Or Runining Things


Music City Of South Wales!!

Along with the bad attitude wanna-be trendies, and no good cunts to accompany them, the ex-town city is now being done up to resemble cardiff,.....pffft!!

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